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Windows, macOS & Linux PRIVACY compared: why do they need ALL THIS DATA?!


Try out Proton Mail, the secure email service that protects your privacy: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 Matrix: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 #Linux #macos #windows 00:00 Intro 00:34 Sponsor: Try Proton Mail, the secure & private email service 01:48 Windows Data collection 04:33 Windows 3rd party requests 06:07 How bad is Windows? 07:05 Disable Windows data collection? 07:58 macOS data collection 09:37 Disable macOS data collection 10:34 How bad is macOS? 11:23 Linux Distributions 13:52 Sponsor: Get a PC that runs Linux perfectly 14:52 Support the channel So if you've installed Windows 11 recently, you're familiar with the very lengthy setup process where you can uncheck a lot of toggles to try and limit what the OS collects. What the OS will collect is the following: - Microsoft Store Logs - Network data - Hardware information - Accessory data - Application-related data - Event metrics You'll also send complete words that you typed or wrote, not just statistics. You'll also send speech recognition data, and activity history, so every document you opened, website you visited... But that's just what Microsoft tells you about. Recently, a youtuber called "The PC Security channel" analysed a completely fresh Windows install, using Wireshark, and what they found was is that Windows makes a few connections to third parties it never really told you about. THEIR VIDEO: 🤍 - - - Bing and - So what exactly can Microsoft do with all this data? Well, they have more than enough to completely fingerprint your device, they can reliably tell what you use in terms of apps, and what type of content you watch, and they also basically can have a keylogger on your computer. And finally, Windows sends some data to third parties. Fortunately, you can disable all the option stuff straight from the settings.You can go to the privacy and security options, and go into each category and disable everything there. You can also completely disable the telemetry service. Just hit Windows + R, and in the run dialog, type services.msc. In there, look for something called "Connected user experiences and telemetry", double click that, and in the "General tab", you can set "startup type" to "disabled". Apple talks a big game when it comes to privacy, but in the end, is it really true? Out of the box, macOS sends to Apple your IP address, location, and some usage patterns, like all the apps you run, and when you run them. Other telemetry data, out of the box, includes browsing history, search history, crash data, performance and diagnostic data, location information, health information if you use that on an iPhone for example, all the info you entered in your AppleID, the device serial number, payment information, everything you bought using that Apple ID, and potentially your government ID. Fortunately, macOS lets you disable virtually everything that's being collected. You can just head over to the Security and Privacy settings, and in analytics and improvements, uncheck everything. Now, how about Linux? Well, Linux based operating systems, or at least desktop Linux distributions don't collect any data out of the box, with a few exceptions. The first one is Ubuntu, who will collect telemetry data out of the box, with no personal information at all. It's just hardware data, but it could still be used to fingerprint your device. Canonical doesn't currently have any ad server that I know about, so they probably only really use this to know what their users actually use and focus their efforts on that, but if you're uncomfortable with that, you can disable it at install. Some Ubuntu derivatives that use the same installer might also have that kind of telemetry. On top of that, you have the ability to turn some entirely optional telemetry on in KDE's settings; and GNOME also has a telemetry tool that you have to install manually.

Linux in 100 Seconds


Linux is a free and open-source operating system that powers many of the world's computer systems. Learn the basics of the Linux kernel, how it relates to GNU, and essential Linux commands. #linux #tech #100SecondsOfCode 🔗 Resources Linux Kernel Source Code 🤍 Anatomy of Linux Kernel 🤍 History of Linux 🤍 Linux File System Explained 🤍 🔥 Get More Content - Upgrade to PRO Upgrade to Fireship PRO at 🤍 Use code lORhwXd2 for 25% off your first payment. 🎨 My Editor Settings - Atom One Dark - vscode-icons - Fira Code Font 🔖 Topics Covered - What is Linux? - How does the Linux Kernel work? - Most important Linux commands - How to edit files in Linux - Who invented Linux? - What is the gclib? - What is Linux used for?

Is Linux Mint BETTER Than Windows?


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10 ways Linux is just better!


IOS, Android, OSX, Windows….. Now for Linux’s time in the spotlight. We reached out to our community again and you gave us lots to work with. Let's see why Linux is just better! Buy laptops to install Linux on here On Amazon (PAID LINK): 🤍 On Newegg (PAID LINK): 🤍 On Walmart (PAID LINK) : 🤍 Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Discuss on the forum: 🤍 Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: 🤍 Get Private Internet Access VPN at 🤍 Get a Displate Metal Print at 🤍 Get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime at 🤍 Linus Tech Tips merchandise at 🤍 Our Test Benches on Amazon: 🤍 Our production gear: 🤍 Come see us at LTX 2020: 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High 🤍

The 50 Most Popular Linux & Terminal Commands - Full Course for Beginners


Learn the 50 most popular Linux commands from Colt Steele. All these commands work on Linux, macOS, WSL, and anywhere you have a UNIX environment. 🐱 ✏️ Colt Steele developed this course. 🔗 The Linux Command Handbook by Flavio Copes: 🤍 🔗 If you want to learn more about terminal commands and become a software engineer, check out the bootcamp Colt built with Springboard: 🤍 ⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction ⌨️ (0:04:37) Why use the command line? ⌨️ (0:06:56) The world of operating systems ⌨️ (0:10:56) What is Linux? ⌨️ (0:16:58) Shells and Bash ⌨️ (0:19:28) Setup For Linux Users ⌨️ (0:20:28) Setup For Mac Users ⌨️ (0:21:05) Setup For Windows (WSL) ⌨️ (0:29:43) Using The Terminal ⌨️ (0:31:12) whoami ⌨️ (0:32:34) man ⌨️ (0:33:40) clear ⌨️ (0:36:42) intro to options ⌨️ (0:39:05) pwd ⌨️ (0:41:07) ls ⌨️ (0:49:21) cd ⌨️ (1:00:40) mkdir ⌨️ (1:06:33) touch ⌨️ (1:12:03) rmdir ⌨️ (1:13:05) rm ⌨️ (1:21:26) open ⌨️ (1:23:55) mv ⌨️ (1:27:51) cp ⌨️ (1:31:56) head ⌨️ (1:33:02) tail ⌨️ (1:35:27) date ⌨️ (1:36:02) redirecting standard output ⌨️ (1:41:48) cat ⌨️ (1:46:15) less ⌨️ (1:49:17) echo ⌨️ (1:51:38) wc ⌨️ (1:53:52) piping ⌨️ (1:56:43) sort ⌨️ (2:01:09) uniq ⌨️ (2:06:59) expansions ⌨️ (2:17:08) diff ⌨️ (2:21:01) find ⌨️ (2:32:10) grep ⌨️ (2:36:52) du ⌨️ (2:40:55) df ⌨️ (2:44:04) history ⌨️ (2:47:32) ps ⌨️ (2:51:50) top ⌨️ (2:54:02) kill ⌨️ (3:00:13) killall ⌨️ (3:01:37) jobs, bg, and fg ⌨️ (3:09:40) gzip ⌨️ (3:12:18) gunzip ⌨️ (3:15:27) tar ⌨️ (3:23:36) nano ⌨️ (3:31:17) alias ⌨️ (3:42:48) xargs ⌨️ (3:50:57) ln ⌨️ (4:01:49) who ⌨️ (4:03:47) su ⌨️ (4:08:32) sudo ⌨️ (4:18:36) passwd ⌨️ (4:21:54) chown ⌨️ (4:31:08) Understanding permissions ⌨️ (4:47:15) chmod 🎉 Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters: 👾 Wong Voon jinq 👾 hexploitation 👾 Katia Moran 👾 BlckPhantom 👾 Nick Raker 👾 Otis Morgan 👾 DeezMaster 👾 AppWrite Learn to code for free and get a developer job: 🤍 Read hundreds of articles on programming: 🤍

Arch Is More Stable Than Debian (Not Really...)


Yes. The title is clickbait. No. I don't care. No, Debian isn't as unstable as Arch. Yes, I know that. This is a story about how I am an idiot. 👇 PULL IT DOWN FOR THE GOOD STUFF 👇 Patreon - 🤍 Liberapay - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 = Follow us 🐧🐧 Discord - 🤍 Odysee - 🤍 TILvids - 🤍 Mastodon- 🤍 🤍 The Website 🤍 Contact us email🤍 Amazon Wishlist - 🤍 Logo Courtesy of - Intro Courteys of - 🤍 Special Thanks to Our Patrons! 🤍 #ramble #linux #thelinuxcast

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started With Linux


Working with Linux servers is a fun and rewarding career. But for those getting started, the learning process can be a bit of a challenge to navigate. In this video, Jay goes over ten things he wish he knew about Linux when he first started. There's definitely potential for more, if you're interested... - Support Linux Learning (commission earned) - • Become a channel member here on YouTube ➜ 🤍 • Become a Patron on Patreon ➜ 🤍 • Receive a 5% discount on an LPI exam voucher ➜ 🤍 • Set up your own cloud server with Akamai Connected Cloud ➜ 🤍 SPOIL YOURSELF WITH A LINUX-RELATED GIFT • Mastering Ubuntu Server 4th Edition (Jay wrote that!!! 😲) ➜ 🤍 • Affiliate store for Linux compatible hardware/accessories ➜ 🤍 • Awesome KVM for your Homelab ➜ 🤍 - Individual Sections -: 00:00 - Intro 00:47 - Number 1: Unused RAM is Wasted RAM 03:03 - Number 2: High CPU usage is often a good thing 04:22 - Number 3: inodes (and how that impacts available storage space) 06:51 - Number 4: The large number of Linux distributions is a GOOD thing 09:05 - Number 5: Set up LVM on every server 11:08 - Number 6: Nobody memorizes all the commands and options 14:52 - Number 7: Always have a backup distribution 17:31 - Number 8: Version control (Git, etc) isn't only useful for software engineers 19:08 - Number 9: LVM snapshots exist 20:20 - Number 10: Ensure backup jobs reference ALL disks, even those that were newly added - Recommended stand-alone videos from Learn Linux TV - • Essential tweaks for ALL Linux Servers ➜ 🤍 • How to create a bootable flash drive for installing Linux ➜ 🤍 • Installing an operating system for Raspberry Pi ➜ 🤍 • How to connect to a Linux server via ssh ➜ 🤍 • Understanding Linux permissions ➜ 🤍 • OpenSSH Guide ➜ 🤍 • How to better secure OpenSSH ➜ 🤍 • 10 Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Workflow ➜ 🤍 • Over 15 Terminal Tricks You Should Learn ➜ 🤍 - Recommended Courses from Learn Linux TV - • Get up to speed with managing an OpenStack Cloud ➜ 🤍 • Learn how to write your own Bash Scripts ➜ 🤍 • Install, configure, and maintain a Proxmox VE Cluster ➜ 🤍 • Automate tedious setup jobs by learning Ansible ➜ 🤍 • Learn how to exit vim (and use it too) ➜ 🤍 - Linux-related Podcasts - • Enterprise Linux Security ➜ 🤍 • The Homelab Show ➜ 🤍 - Fun Linux-related Projects - • Run your own Gitlab CE Server ➜ 🤍 • Build a Kubernetes Cluster on Proxmox ➜ 🤍 • Set up your own Nextcloud Server ➜ 🤍 - Official Learn Linux TV Sites - • Main site ➜ 🤍 • Community ➜ 🤍 - FAQ - • Which distro do I use? ➜ 🤍 • My recording gear (commissions earned) ➜ 🤍 - Content Ethics - • The following article covers the rules and guidelines Learn Linux TV abides by ➜ 🤍 Disclaimer: LearnLinuxTV produces technical content that will hopefully be helpful to you and teach you something new. However, this content is provided without any warranty (expressed or implied). LearnLinuxTV is not responsible for any damages that may arise from any use of the content and information that's being provided. The viewer is expected to follow best judgement and to make his/her/their best decisions while working with production or non-production software, systems and hardware. #Linux #Devops #cloudcomputing

Install Linux instead of Windows 11 - Here's how!


Join us in War Thunder for FREE at 🤍 Get an exclusive bonus using our link - thanks for supporting the channel! Windows 11 is about to make a lot of people feel left behind, but there’s one operating system that’s recently been getting better and better for new and old hardware… Check out Pop!_OS: 🤍 Grab BalenaEtcher: 🤍 Grab Rufus: 🤍 Get nvidia-patch: 🤍 Get obs-nvfbc: 🤍 Buy an ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q 32” Gaming Monitor: 🤍 Discuss on the forum: 🤍 ► GET MERCH: 🤍 ► AFFILIATES, SPONSORS & REFERRALS: 🤍 ► PODCAST GEAR: 🤍 ► SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: 🤍 FOLLOW US ELSEWHERE - Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 MUSIC CREDIT - Intro: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Video Link: 🤍 Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa 🤍 Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 🤍 CHAPTERS - 0:00 Intro 0:55 What is Linux and why should I care? 2:21 Getting Pop!_OS 4:03 Booting & the installer 6:20 Post-install setup & downloading apps 8:14 Installing Wine (optional) 8:55 Installing games 9:38 A Shadowplay alternative (optional) 11:56 Compatibility, drivers, & caveats 13:37 Conclusion & why I won't force you

What is Linux?


Linux can be found on everything from servers to smartphones to desktop PCs - but what makes it different from Windows, and should you give it a try? Dollar Shave Club link: 🤍 Follow: 🤍 Join the community: 🤍 License for image used in this video: 🤍

Introduction to Linux – Full Course for Beginners


If you're new to Linux, this beginner's course is for you. You'll learn many of the tools used every day by both Linux SysAdmins and the millions of people running Linux distributions like Ubuntu on their PCs. This course will teach you how to navigate Linux's Graphical User Interfaces and powerful command line tool ecosystem. 🔗 Linux Installation guide: 🤍 ✏️ Beau Carnes teaches this course. 🏗 The Linux Foundation provided a grant to make this course possible. ⭐️ Contents ⭐️ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction ⌨️ (0:01:38) Chapter 1. Introduction to Linux Families ⌨️ (0:07:39) Chapter 2. Linux Philosophy and Concepts ⌨️ (0:16:37) Chapter 3. Linux Basics and System Startup ⌨️ (1:05:36) Chapter 4. Graphical Interface ⌨️ (1:34:29) Chapter 5. System Configuration from the Graphical Interface ⌨️ (2:04:27) Chapter 6. Common Applications ⌨️ (2:12:57) Chapter 7. Command Line Operations ⌨️ (3:25:50) Chapter 8. Finding Linux Documentation ⌨️ (3:36:53) Chapter 9. Processes ⌨️ (4:07:51) Chapter 10. File Operations ⌨️ (4:31:11) Chapter 11. Text Editors ⌨️ (4:49:25) Chapter 12. User Environment ⌨️ (5:13:32) Chapter 13. Manipulating Text ⌨️ (5:40:04) Chapter 14. Network Operations 🎉 Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters: 👾 Nattira Maneerat 👾 Heather Wcislo 👾 Serhiy Kalinets 👾 Erdeniz Unvan 👾 Justin Hual 👾 Agustín Kussrow 👾 Otis Morgan Learn to code for free and get a developer job: 🤍 Read hundreds of articles on programming: 🤍

Windows & macOS can't do this, but Linux can!


Get 100$ credit for your own Linux and gaming server: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #Linux #macos #windows 00:00 Intro 00:29 Sponsor: 100$ free credit for your Linux or Gaming Server 01:26 Ultimate portability 02:59 Modularity 04:52 Live Systems 06:03 Support for older computers 07:25 Driverless printer support 08:54 Visual customization 10:37 Escaping vendor lock-in 12:13 And more! 13:47 Sponsor: Get a PC that supports Linux perfectly 14:46 Support the channel Linux Scoop channel: 🤍 You can literally grab your hard drive or SSD, plug it into another completely different PC, and still enjoy a fully functional install, with all your files, applications, and configurations. Since the drivers for all the hardware Linux supports are in the kernel, you don't depend on what the manufacturer has preinstalled on your computer, and you don't have anything to install either when you move your disk to another PC. The second thing is the ability to replace parts of your operating system with others, that fit your needs better. Windows and macOS are one size fits all operating systems; they're designed to provide a good enough experience for everyone. On Linux, you can pick a distro that fits your needs out of the box, or you can replace components. Get a other file manager, get a different window manager, change the init system... Third, we have the live USB, or Live CD. This is something only Linux based operating systems do. You slap a reasonably sized ISO onto a reasonably sized USB drive, and you boot from it, and you get a fully usable system. Not only can you try before you install, which is crucial when you're deciding what will run on your PC, but you can also have a distro that ONLY runs through a Live USB, like Tails, which means your whole system is in your pocket, and you can boot from it from any computer you want. Have you tried running Windows on a 10 year old computer? Or even older? The latest, still supported version of Windows? Good luck, without spending time building a custom ISO to debloat the OS, and crossing your fingers for drivers to exist for your old hardware and that specific version of Windows. On a Mac, it's even less doable, the latest version of macOS supports at most the mac pro from 2013, and that was a very powerful, expensive device when it released. On Linux? No problem, pick a distro that's lightweight, and enjoy your old computer like it was new. You'll get patches, security fixes, the very latest applications if you want them, but your system will run fine. If what you want is an OS that occupies the least amount of space possible? You also can. Fifth thing you can do on Linux but not on Windows or macOS? Driverless printer support. On Linux, printers are detected automatically, and work out of the box. No driver CD to try and fit in your computer that doesn't have a CD drive anymore, no need to download anything from the internet. You plug it in, and you print. Next is UI and UX customization. Windows and macOS can't be customized visually. Not out of the box, not more than light or dark theme, and an accent color. If you want to change the icons, the general theme, the layout of the desktop, you can't. With Linux, all major desktop environments let you change how your system looks or works. Yes, even GNOME. With extensions, and themes, you can have a radically different experience than the default. Next, is no vendor Lock-in. On Linux, you're free to move to anything else. Once your distro is end of life, and won't receive any patches, you can upgrade for free to the next version, or, if you don't like that new version, you can also just decide to change distributions entirely. On Linux, you could even BUY extended support to keep a distro alive and patched even when the distro's developer have abandoned it.

Linux for Beginners


Tired of trying Linux and then just going right back to Windows? Well this is the video for you to understand Linux a LOT better! Referenced Videos and Content - Website Guide: 🤍 - Linux File System Explained: 🤍 - Learning Linux Terminal (8 Videos) - 🤍 - Windows to Linux Mint (7 Videos) - 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Linux Possibilities and Limitations 03:55 Starting Off and First Steps 08:33 First Install 09:43 First Boot and Config 11:53 First Terminal and REQUIRED Steps 13:25 After Reboot and Additional Config 16:10 Options in File Browsing and Other Programs 18:27 Changing the Desktop Environment 24:11 My Setup Support My Work - ►► Get Updates, Launch Announcements and More ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Tech Digital Downloads ➜ 🤍 ►► Product and Service Recommendations ➜ 🤍 ►► My YouTube Gear and Computers ➜ 🤍 Other Places to Find Me - ►► Titus Tech Talk ➜ 🤍 ►► Titus Tech Gaming ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Fitness ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitch ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitter ➜ 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Hard Truths About Linux


Today I talk about some hard truths about Linux. 👇 PULL IT DOWN FOR THE GOOD STUFF 👇 Patreon - 🤍 Liberapay - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 = Follow us 🐧🐧 Discord - 🤍 Odysee - 🤍 TILvids - 🤍 Mastodon- 🤍 🤍 The Website 🤍 Contact us email🤍 Amazon Wishlist - 🤍 Logo Courtesy of - Intro Courteys of - 🤍 Special Thanks to Our Patrons! 🤍 Referenced 🤍 - The reddit thread Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:24 A Time Sink 2:28 Drivers 4:14 Surrounded by Assholes 6:31 What Does Reddit Have to Say? 14:53 Wrapping Up #reddit #linux #thelinuxcast

Why so many distros? The Weird History of Linux


Why are there so many Linux distros? Take a brief journey through the history of Linux to understand hundreds of different distros exist today 🤍 00:00 In the Beginning 01:10 GNU + Linux 02:44 What is a Distro? 03:29 Slackware 03:48 Debian 05:30 Redhat 06:17 Arch 06:59 Independent Distros 07:58 Bonus Mindblower #linux #dev #history References: Linux 🤍 96.3% of servers run Linux 🤍 Torvalds uses Fedora 🤍 GNU/Linux Unified Logo 🤍 Linux Army 🤍 Distro Timeline 🤍

The END of DISTRO HOPPING? All Linux distros in one single system with VanillaOS


Try out Kasm Workspaces to stream desktops, OSes & apps to your browser: 🤍 Or you can use KasmVNC, the best open source remote desktop solution on Linux: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #Linux #linuxdistro #vanillaos 00:00 Intro 00:28 Sponsor 01:14 What makes VanillaOS special? 03:18 Install and First Run: user friendly to the max 05:27 What are containers? 06:38 How do you install software? 10:30 How are updates applied?? 11:37 Issues with VanillaOS 13:13 Is it the end of distro hopping? 14:31 Sponsor: Get a PC that runs Linux perfectly 15:26 Support the channel It's one of the very few Ubuntu based distributions that is immutable, and atomic. Apart from that, VanillaOS uses GNOME, the most Vanilla GNOME they could ship on Ubuntu, and if you're looking for all the apps, you have access to containers that run other distros at native speeds, and give you access to all their packages. The installer is something I had never seen before, it looks super good, just like a GNOME app, and will take you through the basic steps, and it even has a nice legible GUI to set up your disk layout. After installing and rebooting, you're right into your user session, and you can pick between dark and light mode, if you want to enable support for Flatpak and AppImages, you also get to pick the apps you want to install: you have 3 sets of apps, the core ones, Office apps, and common utilities. After that, you get the GNOME 43 desktop, which doesn't have any customization or extension. Now the main point of VanillaOS is to offer the ability to run multiple distros on just one system, with distro containers, using Distrobox. And to manage that, you have the VanillaOS control center. You can add an Arch subsystem to get access to the AUR, a Fedora subsystem with DNF as the package manager, you get an OpenSUSE container, plus a VOid Linux one, and one for Alpine. Or you can create your own with any other distro you want. APX is VanillaOS all in one package manager. It lets you install applications for any source that you have access to, including all your distro containers. The syntax is pretty easy: you just type apx install, followed by the package manager that will perform the actual install, and the package name. For example, if I wanted to install davinci Resolve from the AUR, I could type: apx install aur davinci-resolve And APX will automatically start my Arch container, and use the arch package manager to install Davinci Resolve from the AUR. And on top of that, apps installed this way will still show up in your GNOME overview and app grid, just like if they were installed on the base system itself. And, if you absolutely need to install something to the base system, you can, there's a preinstalled tool called ABRoot, that lets you execute a command, like running apt, since the system is Ubuntu based. Now for updates, Vanilla OS is not a rolling release, it has fixed releases that follow the Ubuntu release convention. Flatpaks you installed through GNOME software or the command line will be updated through the same methods. System updates are handled by VSO, for Vanilla System Operator. This does mean you'll need more disk space: at least 50 gigs to install the system, and the root partition you don't use. Containers and applications installed in them can be updated by running apx update in a terminal. But there are issues: as I mentioned, if you need more software from multiple sources, then you need multiple containers. This takes up a lot of space. And if your container dies, so do all your installed applications, and related user data. The second problem is the disk space usage of the main system: sure having 2 root partitions is great for stability, but it also consumes a LOT of disk space you'll never use. I also noticed that apps installed from containers sometimes don't show up in the GNOME app grid, and you have to run an APX command to actually add them.

Linux Operating System - Crash Course for Beginners


Learn the basics of the Linux Operating System in this crash course for beginners. Linux is a clone of the UNIX operating system, so understanding one is understanding the other. The goal is for you to get a full understanding of how the Linux OS works. If you're still using Windows or Mac OS, you can still learn Linux using a virtual machine. ✏️ Course from KeepItTechie. Check out his YouTube channel: 🤍 ⭐️ Course Contents ⭐ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Intro ⌨️ (0:08:09) Install Linux ⌨️ (0:29:43) Desktop Environment ⌨️ (0:41:18) Terminal ⌨️ (0:49:25) Working with Directories ⌨️ (1:15:49) Working with Files ⌨️ (1:34:49) Working with File Content ⌨️ (1:51:14) Linux File Structure ⌨️ (2:03:68) System Information ⌨️ (2:15:42) Networking ⌨️ (2:20:10) Linux Package Manager ⌨️ (2:34:10) Text Editor ⌨️ (2:46:56) Outro 🎉 Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters: 👾 Raymond Odero 👾 Agustín Kussrow 👾 aldo ferretti 👾 Otis Morgan 👾 DeezMaster Learn to code for free and get a developer job: 🤍 Read hundreds of articles on programming: 🤍

60 Linux Commands you NEED to know (in 10 minutes)


Get yourself a Linux cloud server with Linode!!: 🤍 ($100 Credit good for 60 days as a new user!!) In this video, NetworkChuck shows you the top 60 Linux commands you NEED to know! If you are a beginner in Linux, this is THE video you need to watch. If you are a Linux boss, I bet you a box of donuts there is a command in this video you don’t know. 🔥🔥Join the Hackwell Academy: 🤍 Sponsored by Linode SUPPORT NETWORKCHUCK - ➡️NetworkChuck membership: 🤍 ☕☕ COFFEE and MERCH: 🤍 Check out my new channel: 🤍 🆘🆘NEED HELP?? Join the Discord Server: 🤍 STUDY WITH ME on Twitch: 🤍 READY TO LEARN?? - -Learn Python: 🤍 -Get your CCNA: 🤍 FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE - Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Join the Discord server: 🤍 0:00 ⏩ Intro 0:05 ⏩ ssh 0:21 ⏩ ls 0:30 ⏩ pwd 0:35 ⏩ cd 0:51 ⏩ touch 1:23 ⏩ echo 1:32 ⏩ nano 1:42 ⏩ vim 1:56 ⏩ cat 2:02 ⏩ shred 2:10 ⏩ mkdir 2:15 ⏩ cp 2:26 ⏩ rm 2:28 ⏩ rmdir 2:38 ⏩ ln 2:45 ⏩ clear 2:50 ⏩ whoami 2:57 ⏩ useradd 3:02 ⏩ sudo 3:08 ⏩ adduser 3:15 ⏩ su 3:21 ⏩ exit 3:29 ⏩ passwd 3:50 ⏩ apt 4:12 ⏩ finger 4:20 ⏩ man 4:33 ⏩ whatis 4:55 ⏩ curl 5:05 ⏩ zip 5:13 ⏩ unzip 5:20 ⏩ less 5:29 ⏩ head 5:32 ⏩ tail 5:34 ⏩ cmp 5:42 ⏩ diff 5:50 ⏩ sort 6:00 ⏩ find 6:19 ⏩ chmod 6:24 ⏩ chown 6:34 ⏩ ifconfig 6:40 ⏩ ip address 6:47 ⏩ grep 7:02 ⏩ awk 7:26 ⏩ resolvectl status 7:31 ⏩ ping 7:57 ⏩ netstat 8:08 ⏩ ss 8:14 ⏩ iptables 8:24 ⏩ ufw 8:43 ⏩ uname 8:52 ⏩ neofetch 9:01 ⏩ cal 9:14 ⏩ free 9:21 ⏩ df 9:28 ⏩ ps 9:36 ⏩ top 9:40 ⏩ htop 9:44 ⏩ kill 10:03 ⏩ pkill 10:14 ⏩ systemctl 10:29 ⏩ history 10:35 ⏩ reboot 10:37 ⏩ shutdown AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Store: 🤍 Buy a Raspberry Pi: 🤍 Do you want to know how I draw on the screen?? Go to 🤍 and use code NetworkChuck to get 20% off!! #Linux #terminal

Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners


In this tutorial we will give you a quick introduction to linux and linux commands for aspiring linux students. Contents of this Course: 1 - Introduction to Linux 2 - Quick Overview of Linux Distributions or Distros, such as Debian or Ubuntu 3 - Using the Linux Terminal 4 - Basic Linux commands for navigation and file manipulation. We will go over 10 commands in this video, including: cd, ls, pwd, cp, rm, mkdir, rmdir, man and more. Stay tuned for more Linux Commands Tutorials for Dummies. INSTALL UBUNTU in VIRTUALBOX on Windows 7 🤍 - SOCIAL MEDIA - Follow me on twitter : 🤍 Follow me on facebook: 🤍 Google+ Website: 🤍

KDE Plasma 6, COSMIC Desktop, CodeWeavers, Lutris, Arch Linux & More Linux News


On this episode of This Week in Linux, we got some news about the upcoming desktop environments of KDE Plasma 6 and COSMIC desktop from System76. Then we take a look a the news of CodeWeavers changing their company structure and the changes from Arch Linux. We'll also check out the latest releases from Lutris, Pipewire, ChimeraOS and more. All of this and so much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews! FORUM THREAD ►► SHOW NOTES ►► 🤍 - SPONSORED BY: Linode ►► 🤍 Bitwarden ►► 🤍 TWITTER ►► 🤍 MASTODON ►► 🤍 MERCH ►► 🤍 BECOME A PATRON ►► 🤍 - This Week in Linux is a TuxDigital podcast: 🤍 SHOW NOTES ►► 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 TWIL 224 Intro 00:39 KDE Plasma 6 New Features 01:53 System76 COSMIC Desktop Updates 05:03 CodeWeavers Move To Employee Ownership Trust 08:28 $100 Free Credit at 09:58 23.04 Releases for Ubuntu Flavours 15:10 PipeWire 0.3.71 Released 17:13 Lutris 0.5.13 Released 18:50 Manage Your Passwords at 20:09 Improvements to Ubuntu's PPA Management 21:47 Arch Linux Repository Changes 23:08 ChimeraOS 42 Released 25:29 Outro - Other Videos: Gamify Your Life with Habitica, A To-Do List RPG To Get Things Done: 🤍 17 KDE Plasma Features That You Didn't Know About: 🤍 5 Reasons Why I Use KDE Plasma: 🤍 7 Reasons Why Firefox Is My Favorite Web Browser: 🤍 How To Use Firefox's Best Feature, Multi-Account Containers: 🤍 - Thanks For Watching! #Linux #TechNews #Podcast

Linux for Hackers // EP 1 (FREE Linux course for beginners)


FREE Linux Hacking Lab: 🤍 *Sponsored by HTB Academy - Sign up for the Hacker Academy: 🤍 Checkout HackTheBox: 🤍 *Disclaimer: The Linux foundations course from HTB Academy is a Tier 0 course, allowing me to show the course content in this video series. Linux for Hackers EP 1 NetworkChuck provides an introduction to Linux for hackers. SUPPORT NETWORKCHUCK - ➡️Become a YouTube Member: 🤍 ☕☕ COFFEE and MERCH: 🤍 Check out my new channel, 🤍 🆘🆘NEED HELP?? Join the Discord Server: 🤍 STUDY WITH ME on Twitch: 🤍 READY TO LEARN?? - -Learn Python: 🤍 -Get your CCNA: 🤍 FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE - Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Join the Discord server: 🤍 0:00 ⏩ Intro 1:13 ⏩ FREE HACKING LAB (linux) 2:40 ⏩ What is Linux? 5:22 ⏩ Introducing the Linux Terminal 6:11 ⏩ Linux Command: pwd 6:55 ⏩ Linux Command: ls 7:33 ⏩ Linux Command: cd 10:01 ⏩ Test your skills AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Store: 🤍 Buy a Raspberry Pi: 🤍 #linuxtutorial #linux #linuxforhackers

Linux - худшая операционная система


Изучай английский язык с Puzzle English: 🤍 Промокод действует до 20 мая: extremecode Доходчиво объясняю простым языком, почему Linux на твоем компьютере не очень, а если точнее полное дерьмо, нежизнеспособный мусор, шлак. Музыка: Mick Gordon - Arrival on Phobos Mick Gordon - The only thing they fear is you Earmake - California Dream: 🤍 _ 💰 Бонусы за спонсорство 🤍 🖤 Telegram: 🤍 💙 VK: 🤍 🧡 Insta: 🤍 💜 Discord: 🤍 🤎 GitHub: 🤍

Linux users be like


Про Linux за 5 минут | Что это или как финский студент перевернул мир?


🚀 Пройди бесплатный вводный урок по онлайн - курсу по Linux: 🤍 Откройте конспект и запишите - Linux — это семейство операционных систем. Linux это не операционная система, а целое семейство. А “Семейство превыше всего" - говорил Доминик Торрето. А теперь закройте конспект, расслабьтесь и включайте видео - сейчас мы все объясним. Keep calm and Merion ❤️ 🤍 Креатив и анимация: 🤍 #Linux #Линукс #Unix #ЛинусТорвальдc

ما هو نظام تشغيل Linux ؟


هو نظام تشغيل مفتوح المصدر Open Source. نزل عشان يحارب فكرة الاتغلاق بتاعت Windows وانك تدفع فلوس في نسخة نظام تشغيل. 🌟 بيستخدم النهاردة في استضافة السيرفرات لمعظم التطبيقات اللي بنستخدمها انهاردة على الويب. 🌟 اي Cloud هتلاقيه قائم على Infrastructure مبنية على Linux. ✅️ مهم جدا لاي مبرمج يتعلمه عشان اكيد هيجي نقطة معينة في شغلك وهتحتاج تتعامل معاه. متنسوش تعملوا Like. ✌️🌟 وشوفوا قناة اليوتيوب عشان تشوفوا كل جديد عن البرمجة 🚀♥️

Linux Full Course - 11 Hours [2023] | Linux Tutorial For Beginners | Linux Training | Edureka


🔥Edureka Linux Certification Training Course (Use Code "𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐔𝐁𝐄𝟐𝟎") : 🤍 This Edureka Linux Full Course video will help you understand and learn the fundamentals of Operating Systems and Linux in Particular. This Linux Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the fundamentals of Linux. Below are the topics covered in this Linux full course video: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:32 Agenda 00:02:18 Fundaentals of Linux 00:16:05 Linux's Features 00:39:00 Working with Directories 01:04:23 Working with Commands 02:15:35 Working with files and Directories 02:21:18 Working with user permission 02:44:18 Working with Tar files 02:55:41 Regular Expression 03:07:57 Processess 03:40:41 Different shells iin Linux 04:05:15 Linux Directory Commands 04:20:47 Linux File Content Commands 04:41:15 Frequently used commands 05:41:49 Shell Script Basics 05:54:54 What is Linux File system? 05:58:11 File System Architecture 06:21:06 RPM- Red Hat Package MAnager 06:31:44 RPM and YUM 06:38:17 Demo:YUM 06:42:22 Package Initial from directory 06:53:01 What is DNS? 07:06:06 Confifuring BIND DNS Server 07:49:29 Command Line Essentials 07:51:56 Shell Script Basic 07:57:40 Using Variables 08:07:29 Basics Operators 08:27:57 Use Case 08:43:01 Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answer 09:03:57 Shell Scripting Interview question and answer intermediate level 09:39:44 Linux vs Window 09:56:20 Which OS is for you? 10:03:42 Unix Limitations 10:07:47 Linux interview Questions and Answers 🔴 Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: 🤍 🔴 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐤𝐚 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 🔵 DevOps Online Training: 🤍 🌕 AWS Online Training: 🤍 🔵 React Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Tableau Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Power BI Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Selenium Online Training: 🤍 🔵 PMP Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Salesforce Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Cybersecurity Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Java Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Big Data Online Training: 🤍 🌕 RPA Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Python Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Azure Online Training: 🤍 🔵 GCP Online Training: 🤍 🌕 Microservices Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Data Science Online Training: 🤍 🌕 CEHv12 Online Training: 🤍 🔵 Angular Online Training: 🤍 🔴 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐤𝐚 𝐑𝐨𝐥𝐞-𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐬 🔵 DevOps Engineer Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 Cloud Architect Masters Program: 🤍 🔵 Data Scientist Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 Big Data Architect Masters Program: 🤍 🔵 Machine Learning Engineer Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 Business Intelligence Masters Program: 🤍 🔵 Python Developer Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 RPA Developer Masters Program: 🤍 🔵 Web Development Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 Computer Science Bootcamp Program : 🤍 🔵 Cyber Security Masters Program: 🤍 🌕 Full Stack Developer Masters Program : 🤍 🔵 Automation Testing Engineer Masters Program : 🤍 🌕 Python Developer Masters Program : 🤍 🔵 Azure Cloud Engineer Masters Program: 🤍 🔴 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐤𝐚 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦𝐬 🌕 Professional Certificate Program in DevOps with Purdue University: 🤍 🔵 Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science with E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati: 🤍 🌕 Artificial and Machine Learning PGD with E&ICT Academy NIT Warangal: 🤍 📢📢 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟏𝟎 𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝐢𝐧 2023 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 📢📢 ⏩ NEW Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2023 - 🤍 📌𝐓𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦: 🤍 📌𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫: 🤍 📌𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐝𝐈𝐧: 🤍 📌𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦: 🤍 📌𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤: 🤍 📌𝐒𝐥𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞: 🤍 📌𝐂𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐛𝐨𝐱: 🤍 📌𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐮𝐩: 🤍 📌𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲: 🤍 Got a question on the topic? Please share it in the comment section below and our experts will answer it for you. Please write back to us at sales🤍 or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll-free) for more information.



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Why the BAD design of WINDOWS hurts LINUX desktops


Download Safing's Portmaster and take control of your network traffic: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #Linux #Windows #ux 00:00 Intro 00:35 Sponsor: Monitor and secure your internet connection with Safing 01:35 The Start Menu 05:34 How the start menu affects Linux desktops 06:42 Disjointed User Interface 08:55 Program installs and storage 12:22 System Updates 14:17 Windows design matters to Linux 15:53 Sponsor: get a PC that supports Linux perfectly 16:46 Support the channel This is going to be controversial, but the Windows menu, or really the whole start menu paradigm is bad. This menu is used to start and open things. It's not a multitasking experience. So having a menu that occupies a small corner of your screen is not great. The reality of things is that people are now just used to it. In Windows 11, the centered menu is a disaster, and once it's open, it's just a bad launcher. Apps are sorted chronologically, so if you don't know the name of a program, you're out of luck, and you can't create any folder that you could build muscle memory upon. And there's the case of opening multiple apps in a row. With the windows menu, you need to open it as many times as the number of apps you want to launch. Not efficient. The issue is, this bad menu design affects Linux desktops. Because many distributions or desktops don't want users to run away, they mostly moved to a windows like menu. We all know about the mismatched UI of Windows.The real problem is that people are now completely used to it. And for Linux, it means that UX, or just UI is not often considered. Next, let's look at how apps are installed on the system. On Windows, while the store is progressively getting better, the main way to install a program is still to head over to its website, download an executable, and run it, then click next a few times, pick a location, and let the program install itself. The files are stored in a single folder usually, with all the libraries the program needs, and the program itself in its own directory structure, that varies from program to program. And this is a bad design. First, for security reasons. Storing executables and libraries and data in a single folder is a surefire way to have badly set permissions on these files. Second, it makes finding the files you're looking for difficult. You need to learn each program's directory structure, and look online to find where the data is stored. And this bad design on Windows also influences Linux desktops negatively. Because to this day, I still get people telling me it's easier to install a program on Windows than on Linux. Seriously. The reality is that a lot of people don't understand how to install programs on Linux. They're so used to downloading them manually that they try to replicate this, and get super confused. And a lot of newcomers to Linux just don't understand where the files a program uses live, because they're used to having them lumped into a single directory. The better way to look at it is: what type of file am I looking to access? And then this tells you the folder where it's been stored. It's no secret that system updates are dreaded by a lot of Windows users. Windows updates have always been problematic, super slow to install, they require a reboot in most cases, and they can make your system worse than it was, so it's no wonder that many users are wary of these. App updates are also handled separately from system updates. And people that moved from Windows to Linux will keep this fear of updates, because it's been drilled into them again and again that updates or even worse, major version upgrades, aren't a good thing. But they ARE. And that negatively affects Linux desktops, because you'll get plenty of people who don't apply their updates and then ask for help about a bug that's been fixed already, or who stick to insecure software that has patches available. It makes the work of maintainers and developers harder.

Why Are Arch Linux Users So TOXIC?


If you've ever spent any time online, you might have heard how TOXIC the Arch Linux community is. You might even have been cyberbullied for using Ubuntu by an ELITIST Arch user! But are Arch Linux users really as rude and elitist as you might have heard? In this video, I'll explain why the claims of Arch users' toxicity might be a little bit exaggerated... Arch Linux isn't THAT hard: 🤍 Why you shouldn't use an Arch install script: 🤍 Watch this before switching to Linux: 🤍 Background footage: 🤍 🤍 🌐 My website: 🤍 💸 Support the Channel: 🤍 🎥 Watch my videos on Odysee: 🤍 💻 My GitHub: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:49 Why are Arch users so rude? 7:23 Why do Arch users so elitist? 12:12 Conclusion



LINUX YÜKLEMEYİN! ABONE OLMAK ICIN : 🤍 İşbirlikleri: candeger🤍 Her hafta PAZAR günü saat 20.00'de adresinde canlı yayındayız. Bekleriz efenim... = 🤍 🤍 🤍 - ⚠️ This video is made for educational purposes only, we only test devices and systems that we own or have permission to test, you should not test the security of devices that you do not own or do not have permission to test. ⚠️

Linux on Laptops ...


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How to install a webserver in #linux


Here is how you install an Apache2 webserver in any #debain based distro. #shorts #linux #apache #debain #ubuntu #kalilinux

Is Linux better than Windows?


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Windows Gamers vs Linux Gamers


✅ Subscribe to Alienizer and tap on the Bell Icon 🔔 to never miss an Alienizer Animation Video. Is Windows still the best operating system for gaming? Hows Linux sticking up to the challenge. Find out in this funny Windows vs Linux gaming stickman animation. I upload videos almost every week. If you've liked this one, you'll like what's coming even more. Please consider subscribing. 🤍 🔥 Playlists - - 1. Stickman Animations - 🤍 2. Real Time Strategy - 🤍 3. Battle Royale - 🤍 4. Gaming News - 🤍 📢 Social Media - - Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 ❤️ Creative Commons Attribution - 1. Jesus Tux (Linux Gamer Background photo): Created by Matombo: ( 🤍 and Downloaded from 🤍 under Creative Commons, Mention Author, Share Alike License. 2. Battlefield V - 🤍 3. Music by Kevin MacLeod - 🤍 4. Memes - 🤍 Creative Commons Content provided under the "Fair Use" policy - 🤍 #windows #linux #alienizer #Stickman #animation

New to Linux? Yeah, DON'T Use Manjaro...


If you're new to Linux, there's a good chance you've been recommended Manjaro Linux. After all, you get all of the benefits of a rolling-release distro without all of the instability of Arch Linux! Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, after using Manjaro myself in the past I just can't recommend it to anyone, especially newbies to Linux. In this video, let me explain why I no longer trust Manjaro with anything... Why you (probably) shouldn't use archinstall: 🤍 Don't make this mistake when using the AUR: 🤍 What you should know before using the AUR: 🤍 🌐 My website: 🤍 💸 Support the Channel: 🤍 🎥 Watch my videos on Odysee: 🤍 💻 My GitHub: 🤍 Background footage: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 0:00 Why use Manjaro? 2:39 The packaging problem 6:25 My experience 9:06 Manjaro's many mistakes 13:49 So what should you use instead of Manjaro?

RX7600: Linux Plug And Play 120fps Gaming


Wendell check out the Sapphire Pulse RX 7600 on Linux! Woo Linux content! Main channel vid: 🤍 Thanks for watching our videos! If you want more, check us out online at the following places: + Website: 🤍 + Forums: 🤍 + Store: 🤍 + Patreon: 🤍 + L1 Twitter: 🤍 + L1 Facebook: 🤍 + Wendell Twitter: 🤍 + Ryan Twitter: 🤍 + Krista Twitter: 🤍 + Business Inquiries/Brand Integrations: Queries🤍 *IMPORTANT* Any email lacking “” should be ignored and immediately reported to Queries🤍 - Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

5 Awesome Linux Terminal Tools You Must Know


In this video, we take a look at five (or maybe more?) awesome terminal tools for Linux that you must know! ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ 📚 Programming Books & Merch 📚 🐍 The Python Bible Book: 🤍 💻 The Algorithm Bible Book: 🤍 👕 Programming Merch: 🤍 🌐 Social Media & Contact 🌐 📱 Website: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🤵 LinkedIn: 🤍 📁 GitHub: 🤍 🎙 Discord: 🤍

Má smysl používat Linux jako streamer nebo tvůrce obsahu? | Systém Pop OS!


Přešel jsem na Linux a tohle je můj názor z pohledu streamera/tvůrce obsahu na internetu. Sraz: 🤍 Streamuji na Trovo.Live ►► 🤍 G2A ►► 🤍 - Všechny moje sítě: YouTube ►► 🤍 Instagram ►► 🤍 Trovo ►► 🤍 Discord ►► 🤍 TikTok ►► 🤍 Twitter ►► 🤍 Facebook ►► 🤍 - Merch ►► 🤍 Staň se členem ►► 🤍 - Herní PC od HAL3000: 🤍 - Nevhodné komentáře bez upozornění smažu, respektujte se navzájem. Díky za zhlédnutí! Tagy do popisu: Linux, Pop OS, Tvůrce, Streamer, Streaming, YouTuber © Adam Jícha/Roth Wellden. #Linux #Tvůrce #RothWellden

More HDR work for Linux, Ubuntu revamps PPAs, KeePass security flaw: Linux & Open Source News


Check out TuxCare's newsletter for news about Linux security: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #Linux #OpenSource #TechNews 00:00 Intro 00:33 Sponsor: Check out TuxCare's newsletter for news about Linux security 01:19 More HDR work on Linux 03:14 Ubuntu makes PPAs more secure 04:42 KeePass is vulnerable to an exploit 06:19 Cinnamon joins the official variants of AlmaLinux 07:46 Rhino Linux makes its own XFCE based desktop 09:23 GNOME has some big updates 11:42 Gaming News: Big Picture on Nvidia, Roblox on Linux, Wine 8.8 13:51 Sponsor: Get a PC that runs Linux perfectly 14:50 Support the channel More HDR work on Linux 🤍 Ubuntu makes PPAs more secure 🤍 KeePass is vulnerable to an exploit 🤍 Cinnamon joins the official variants of AlmaLinux 🤍 Rhino Linux makes its own XFCE baed desktop 🤍 GNOME has some big updates 🤍 Codeweavers moves to an Employee Trust to manage the company 🤍 Gaming News: Valve sued, Big Picture on Nvidia, Wine 8.8... 🤍 🤍 🤍

O PC com Linux que a Apple deveria temer? - Ampere Altra Dev Kit


✅ *Conheça o ONLYOFFICE DocSpace: 🤍 O Ampere Altra Dev Kit é um computador completo que pode ser comprado com processador ARM, montado de uma forma muito semelhante a um PC tradicional com arquitetura x86_64. Nele você pode plugar memória RAM, SSDs e até mesmo GPUs, para ter uma computação de altíssima performance, instalando distros Linux e até mesmo Windows. O setup é voltado para desenvolvimento e especialmente para simular um ambiente de servidor profissional de alta performance, mas ao mesmo tempo nos dá um vislumbre de como poderia ser o mundo dos PCs com chips ARM. 👑 *Conheça as vantagens de ser Membro do canal* 👑 ❯ Seja membro do canal: 🤍 ❯ Vídeos exclusivos: 🤍 ❯ Cursos e séries exclusivos para membros: 🤍 🥇 Agradecimento especial a todos os nossos membros, em especial aos da categoria "Diolinux GO" por nos ajudarem a continuar criando conteúdo. ‣ Felipe Duarte Ferreira 📩 Notícias do mundo Tech, Linux e Open Source: 🤍 ⭐ Todas as nossas redes sociais: 🤍 🎤 Nosso Podcast: 🤍 🎮 Nosso canal de Lives de games: 🤍 🛒 Nossa loja (na Lolja): 🤍 📊 Confira os benchmarks em detalhes: 🤍 📬 Contato comercial: blogdiolinux🤍 📎 Fontes e Links: ‣ Site da Ampere: 🤍 ‣ Site do Ampere Altra Dev Kit: 🤍 ‣ Apenas a Dougther Board: 🤍 ‣ Supercomputador Fugaku com CPU ARM: 🤍 ‣ Data Sheet do CPU da Fujitsu: 🤍 ‣ FydeTab Duo: 🤍 ‣ Microsoft Volterra: 🤍 ‣ Como é um Macbook por dentro?: 🤍 ‣ Definição de COM HPC: 🤍 ‣ Vídeo do Jeff Geerling sobre o Ampere Altra Dev Kit: 🤍 ‣ Compatibilidade de GPUs com o Ampere Altra Dev Kit: 🤍 ‣ Raspberry Pi setup completo: 🤍 ‣ ARM vs X86: 🤍 ‣ Instalação do Ubuntu no Ampere Altra: 🤍 📹 Produção: Roteiro e Apresentação: Dionatan Simioni Edição e efeitos: Rafael Shikamaru Thumbnail: Adriel Filipe #ARM #CPU #Workstation #Apple #Linux #windows

Ranking Linux Distributions for 2023: not your average tier list!


Download Safing's Portmaster and take control of your network traffic: 🤍 Grab a brand new laptop or desktop running Linux: 🤍 👏 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Get access to a weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits: YouTube: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Liberapay: 🤍 Or, you can donate whatever you want: 🤍 👕 GET TLE MERCH Support the channel AND get cool new gear: 🤍 🎙️ LINUX AND OPEN SOURCE NEWS PODCAST: Listen to the latest Linux and open source news, with more in depth coverage, and ad-free! 🤍 🏆 FOLLOW ME ELSEWHERE: Website: 🤍 Mastodon: 🤍 Pixelfed: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 PeerTube: 🤍 This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. #linux #linuxdistro #tierlist 00:00 Intro 00:35 Sponsor: Take control of your network traffic with Portmaster 01:33 Ubuntu 02:44 Linux Mint 04:08 elementary OS 06:08 Arch Linux 08:12 Solus 09:30 Fedora 10:54 Deepin 12:19 Manjaro 13:51 Debian 15:20 PopOS 16:46 Gentoo 17:45 ZorinOS 19:01 KDE Neon 20:11 Sponsor: Get a PC that runs Linux perfectly 21:02 Support the channel I've had a love / hate relationship with Ubuntu over the years, when I started with Linux, it was basically the best. But nowadays, I would put Ubuntu in Decent. Mint, nowadays, I feel it's really one of the best options for a lot of people. So, I'm going to put it in Great. elementaryOS is polished like nothing else, and I love what they're doing, but if we look at where it is today, it's lagging behind GNOME in most areas. So, as it stands today, elementary OS is only Decent. Arch is a distro I've used for a while. It's a wonderful learning experience. But Arch requires more manual intervention than most distros to keep running smoothly. So, Arch is going in Good, but only if you know what you're doing. If you're a Linux beginner, it's going into the No Way category. Another distro I used for a while is Solus, and I liked it for the Budgie desktop, and for its approach of building a Linux distro from scratch, without using Ubuntu as a base for example. But Solus is going in No Way, because it pretty much feels like a dying distro these days. Fedora is the distro I use everywhere these days. And yet, I'm still only placing it in Good, not Great. Because while I feel this is the distro that is pushing the Linux desktop forward these days, I also feel they miss the mark in some ways. The terrible installer, no Nvidia drivers at install, and no Flathub one click install (for now) are things that prevent it from reaching "great" status. Ok, let's talk Deepin. It's a basic desktop environment, but it's also a distro. And it's a distro I'm putting in No, Thanks. The Desktop environment looks beautiful, but the default apps are way too basic and can't handle half of the tasks I need from them. Installing anything else results in that nice unified look being completely broken, and as such, isn't a good experience. Now, let's talk about Manjaro, and this one is going into No, Thanks. It's a distro I used a lot on my desktop, but I just can't recommend it anymore. The distro itself isn't necessarily bad, but the way it's being run absolutely is. Debian Stable is rock solid, tested to perfection and the repos are huge and well maintained. So I'm putting it in GOOD, but personally, I would never run Debian Stable on anything other than a server, because it's way too outdated. Now let's move on to PopOS. For now, I'll only put PopOS in Decent, because it's in a limbo while they develop their new Cosmic desktop shell. No updates for a year, and no word on a version this year either, it's just not good enough for a desktop distro. Gentoo isn't for me. I tried it, I understand why it exists, but I also don't really feel the need to have almost everything I install be compiled for my hardware. I don't need this level of control over what I install. Still, Gentoo is going in Good. Not for me, but I'm not going to criticize it just because I'm not the target audience. Zorin OS looks cool, it has tons of layouts, it includes a bunch of tools, but Zorin OS will go into No, Thanks, though. Because it also suffers from the "not updated often enough" problem. Now, KDE Neon, that's a good one. It also uses an older Ubuntu LTS base, which can be a problem, but it has all the latest software from KDE, from the desktop to the apps, and that's a very good mix, so it's going in Good.

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